Guidance Offered

The volunteers at First Starters, Inc have contacted many well-respected business professionals for advice on how to conduct the non-profit to maximize its effectiveness not just the entrepreneurs themselves but society at large. Here are some of the testimonials and advice that was given.

One senior business professional that First Starters relies on heavily for advice stated several things. She told us she got her start with a ‘loan’ from her parents. This allowed her to not go into a 3rd party debt and to get started more quickly. Her consulting business got her first clients from the meager local advertising she was able to purchase with the loan. She believes that the gifts First Starters, Inc can give today’s entrepreneurs will increase the success rate of all involved.

Other people we heard back from stated that character was one of the most important attributes for a donation recipient. The idea is to create a product or service that benefits society at large and because there can be no legal stipulation to pay back the donation, their character would lead us to believe that they would give back in other ways in the future. We’ve found this to be true. An individual of high character pays back dividends beyond any monetary transaction.

As the non-profit expands, we will reply more and more on the testimonials of business professionals who can offer first-hand experience and advice on the individuals chosen and the fields to ‘invest’ in. Your donations can make a real difference in the lives of individuals, their families and communities. And with the stewarding of the highly respected business professionals who volunteer their experience and advice, we can maximize your donations. Thank you for your selflessness and trust.