Why First Starters Is Necessary

Starting and Upfront Costs

The biggest obstacle first-time entrepreneurs face is the cost of starting their venture. They have the drive and knowledge but they simply don’t have the capital to buy what they need to start before a cash flow can be established. That’s where First Starters, Inc. comes in.
Your donations go towards giving qualified entrepreneurs their first start. Their idea is solid; their drive is relentless. It’s all laid out in their business plan and it’s backed up with their record. And it’s all put together with who they are. They are the best first starters and with First Starters, Inc and your contribution, the best finishers too.

Entrepreneurs, Small and Local Business

Entrepreneurs are creators. They create small businesses which provide new ideas, and new ways of doing things and new products for others to use. They move quickly and fill in the gaps in the economy. Large corporations have their place but they don’t often come up with the next big things and move slowly. It’s in everyone’s interest to help small business and the entrepreneurs who start them.
Entrepreneurs not only nurture small business but also local business. When we buy products and services from local businesses, the money stays locally and helps others in the area. Other local businesses receive and recycle money, local employees receive an income and spend locally and the local area is nurtured. It all starts at the ground level, with entrepreneurs. That’s why First Starters, Inc and your contributions are so valuable. You help strengthen them and they help strengthen you.