First Starters, Inc. helps new entrepreneurs get the capital to start their ventures. Entrepreneurs usually get their initial capital a few different ways. They either self-fund with savings or loans, some go as far as using cash advances from their credit cards (bad idea). Others get loans or gifts from family and friends. Others take on silent partners. And lastly, many write up business plans and take them to a bank. If the bank believes you can pay them back, they give the entrepreneur the loan, something they require you to pay back.

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We believe in giving entrepreneurs the first start their need to get their venture going. We also believe that who we give capital too needs to steward the money as if it was their own funds and need to be paid back. But, First Starters, Inc doesn’t require recipients pay back the capital they have received. Instead, they are encouraged to give back and donate what they can or want back into the charity so others can benefit from the program. We believe entrepreneurs have a spirit of giving and giving back. They give local communities and the world their ideas and hard work, they are rewarded in many ways and give back to those who got them there. It’s a cycle that needs a start and we at First Starters, Inc are happy to be the start for many.